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Impulse Control


Tolerance of Frustration

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Using positive, force-free teaching methods we can implement a games-based learning program that will shape your dog's brain so that they make better choices, resulting in more desirable behaviours.

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We all have different reasons for bringing a dog into our lives. What most people have in common however, is the desire for a long-lasting, strong relationship with their four-legged family member.  Using a modern, positive, games-based training system that is full of fun techniques, will not only shape good choices and desirable behaviours in your dog, but will give you and your pet a happier life together due to a relationship built on positivity and play.

​Through a series of cleverly designed games, we can shape your dog’s choices and behaviours in the right direction, and provide them with the skills they need to be confident and happy. You’ll be able to build a lasting bond with your dog – and have a great deal of fun in the process!

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Rescue Puppy


Pull on lead?

Not come when called?

Bark at other dogs?

Jump up at people?

Remain excitable most of the time?

Counter surf and steal food?

If so, then don’t worry. You’re not alone! These are common struggles in dogs who may have excelled in traditional obedience classes where they practiced in controlled environments with minimal distractions. Our dogs often need more on-going support developing real-life skills for times when the environment proves to be much more exciting than that behaviour they trained so hard to perfect in class.

Far too often we expect our dogs to come out of an obedience class ready to take on the world and are disappointed when they don't listen to our commands when it really matters. If our dog can't disengage, they will never be called off chasing a squirrel. If our dog is in a constant state of over-arousal, trying to get them to sit for a polite greeting is almost impossible. And if our dog is a pessimist and perceives novelty as a bad thing, their fear takes over and we see all kinds of 'problem behaviours' start to show, including not being able to listen to us.

With my help, you’ll be able to use concept training to turn those struggles into strengths. It takes is a little love, some patience, and the right methods. I’ll equip you with the games and strategies you need to bring out the best in your dog.

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Play games, build concepts, boost relationship. 
Turn struggles into strengths through play.

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We started working with Lindsay after adopting our 2.5 year old rescue dog Murphy. Murphy is a very large dog, approximately 100lbs, and had been re-homed several times due to pulling on lead, reactivity to animals and overexcited behaviour in his previous homes. He'd had very little to no training and was highly anxious when we first brought him home. Working with Lindsay over several months brought out major changes in Murphy and in our relationship with him. His confidence grew, his anxiety lessened, his trust in us really started to show. All training and work with Lindsay and Murphy has been 100% positive, games based play, making training fun and building on our relationship with Murphy! Murphy has improved dramatically on leash, is calm and happy at home and continues to build on his skills and confidence.  A once anxious, worried dog, Murphy is now a calm, happy, playful and a most wonderful companion!! We are truly grateful to Lindsay for the time, care and support we've received by working with her!

Leigh and Murphy

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